Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake Murder by Joanne Fluke

I just finished this book early this morning! It was a book that had been selected for my book group that I started this last winter. It is not the typical book that I read, but I am always glad when I am introduced to new authors.

Strawberry Shortcake Murder is a very quick read about a woman named Hannah who assists in a murder investigation. Hannah is not your usual investigator, however. She is actually the owner of the local cookie shop!! Seriously, who could not love a character that insists that chocolate or cookies need to be a part of your morning breakfast!?!? It's a very simple read that keeps you guessing until the very end. And, to top things off, it also includes recipes for super yummy desserts throughout the book! If you are not hungry when you pick up the book, you will be before you put it down! And, the recipes are not difficult or exotic! I think that even I could handle them!

Shortcake is actually the second in Fluke's series. Others include Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, Blueberry Muffin Murder, Cherry Cheesecake Murder, and many more yummy titles. Will I read more by this author? Probably . . . especially if I can find them at the same price I found this one . . . $1 at a local library book sale!! I could always use a light read and particularly one with yummy recipes for my sweet tooth!

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