Thursday, March 13, 2008

Once-a-Month Cooking by Mary-Beth Lagerborg & Mimi Wilson

For those of you who are looking for some great recipes that you can freeze, this is definitely the book for you!! I have been looking for a great list of recipes that I can freeze and that will last me a long time for when I have a baby in a few months and my friend, Alana recommended this book to me! I tend to be a little bit too organized at times, so this book was just perfect!! It contains 5 different menu schedules (3-2 week menus and 2-month menus). All of the recipes across the different schedules are even different!! It also goes into quite a bit of detail about how you can prepare all these meals at once, including grocery lists, supply lists, step-by-step process of what to make in what order, etc. Seriously, even I cannot mess this up!!

I don't think that I am going to actually follow these menus exactly, but the book and recipes give me some great ideas of things that I can prepare beforehand, freeze, and then just pull out the morning of to thaw and throw in the oven later in the day. I plan to try out my favorite recipes of those in the book and try them over the next couple of months to make sure that my family will enjoy them and to make sure that they are truly as easy as they look. Whatever the case, I really think that planning this now is going to make the transition easier in the long run, but I guess that we will see here in a few months!! :)

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