Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Monster by Jonathan Kellerman

After reading Anna Karenina, I needed an easy read . . . complete candy for my brain! What better than a great whodunit!?! And, since I love Alex Delaware novels by Jonathan Kellerman, I decided to read Monster. For those who have never read a Delaware novel, Dr. Alex Delaware is a psychiatrist who works with the area police force, particularly Detective Milo Sturgis in solving crimes in Los Angeles. Therefore, there is always a psychological twist to the stories that I always love!
In this particular story, details do get a bit more gory than in most that I remember reading . . . victims become dismembered by their very disturbed killer! However, to get behind the cause and mind of this killer was absolutely fascinating to me! It was also particularly interesting because Delaware and Sturgis also had to get behind the gates of a very secure mental health facility housing murderers that were ruled legally insane. And, considering that the author is a retired child psychologist himself, it was nice to have the "real" psychological aspect of the story as well!
If you have never read a Delaware novel, I highly recommend it! Of course, when I start one of these books, it is typically one I cannot put down and is done in a very short period of time (meaning many things get neglected in my home!). They are quick, easy reads to satisify your hunger for a little brain candy any day!

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