Monday, October 1, 2007

Celebrating Banned Books!

The American Library Association, the American Booksellers Association, and many others in the publishing world are currently holding their 26th Annual Banned Books Week (September 29 to October 6). For more information on works that have been banned or threatened with removal, the most controversial titles of 2006, and much, much more, check out the website below:

A recent poll surveyed readers to determine their favorite controversial title. Can you guess what it was before going to the site listed above to find the answer? Hint: It is my all-time favorite series!

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  1. One of the links had an interesting article stating that youth learn more from guidance, not censorship. AMEN! The more we censor, the less ability they'll have to form good, moral judgments when they are up against something that is arguably immoral (or whatever...). Here's to guidance and teaching!


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