Sunday, August 19, 2007

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz

I literally just finished reading this book and I had to write about my thoughts! This book was so hard to put down! I have read multiple books by this author, one of which is on my top 5 favorites list (False Memory) and I believe that I can never tell if I am going to love one of his books or just think it is okay. This one I really enjoyed!

Odd Thomas, the title character, is a self-proclaimed freak. Yes, he is different from many people his age -- well, many people in general. He is so sweet and innocent and genuinely wants to use his "gift" to help others. This innocent young man truly does help those around him. By the ending, I felt so sorry for him for multiple reasons -- one of which is because of his "gift" he can not really get close to many people. Others think him odd, so he believes his name is very fitting. Personally, in my opinion, people are scared of different and Odd is definitely different! You truly cannot help to love Odd in this book though!

Anyways, as I was browsing the web for a picture of this book, I discovered that this is the beginning of a series. I cannot wait to read the others, Forever Odd and Odd Brother. If you have not yet read this book or are not even into Koontz books, I highly recommend that you read it! It's quick, it's easy, but I will warn you -- it can get emotional!

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