Thursday, July 19, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

My friend Jodie has tagged me! I am always very hesitant about posting a lot of personal stuff about me on a public site, but this time -- what the heck! Since this is the COLLEGE EDITION, here are a few things about my college years!

How to play...1) Each player must post these rules first.2) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.3) Tagged people post their eight things and these rules.4) End your post by ‘tagging’ eight new people to play.5) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog for these instructions.

1) I LOVED college! I met not only some of my best friends, but also my hubby!

2) I originally went into college thinking I wanted to be an Accountant. My experiences and classes changed my mind, but just a little late!

3) I have a B.S. in Business Administration (Accounting and Finance) -- now I just say that it means that I'm a BAD BS'er! (ha, ha!)

4) Since I took the 5 year route in undergraduate, I also picked up my B.A. in Psychology -- this turned out to be my true passion!

5) After graduating, I thought that I could combine Business and Psychology and go into Management. A teenager threatening to urinate on me, catching a pair of very young boys shoplifting for the very first time, being called every name in the book, and being assaulted by female shoplifters changed my mind!

6) I received my M.S. in Applied Psychology with a specialty in School Counseling. I prefer working in higher education though!

7) My research was titled, Involvement in Comprehensive Conflict Resolution and School Climate. I was NOT required to complete a thesis!

8) Someday I want to be on the other end -- I plan to go back to school to receive a doctorate degree in the field of psychology (after I get over my fear of a dissertation) and become a university professor!

Since everyone I know has been tagged, I'm not tagging anyone else. Hope you had fun reading my little tag tidbits though! :)

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