Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What is the World Coming To?

I read this article and literally became sick to my stomach . . . What is this world coming to?


So, this may be going off on a bit of soapbox, but please bear with me . . .

Books are a treasure that many no longer appreciate. It is books in which we can escape from our everyday troubles, that capture our history, and let us share our minds. In fact, I believe that they help us to think outside of the box, to become our own creative mind, and to grow both intellectually and aesthetically. Today, many of our youth (if not ALL generations) would rather turn to the television to spend their relaxation time . . . whether it may be for the sitcoms, movies (I will admit that I too love these!), or even the video games. The television creates all of the stimulation for us; we do not have to think or use our minds when we are vegged out or zoned out in front of the tube. Books keep the wheels of our minds turning. Has no one heard of the concept . . . if you don't use it, you will lose it? It is actually true!! Studies show that as you age, the more active you are in working your brain (i.e., reading books), the more apt you are to continue to be alert and engaging as the years tick by. I always remember my great grandmother working her mind . . . whether it may be a craft project or her nose stuck in a book. She lived to be 90 years old and was a very sharp little firecracker! I personally would so much rather be like her than in a more vegetative state intellectually. We do have some control over how we age . . . but moving back to my original concern . . .

What has the world come to that a man cannot rid his independent bookstore (the true treasures in our world) of all of his amazing books even if he tries to give them away for free? Why does he have to revert to burning these priceless jewels and destroying them forever? Does everyone know how much they are truly losing? What a sad, sad day!! (And, yes, I am a nerd for books!)

If only I had the money to buy every one . . . they would go perfect in my dream library on my marble shelves! :) Some day maybe . . .


  1. I still love books Tif! Sad that other things are taking over. Nothing like a good book to enjoy summertime!

  2. I think maybe I read too much! Or maybe I'm just making up for all the people out there that don't read at all.


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